An example with Serverless Framework

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“Step Functions” is the serverless orchestration service provided by AWS. It can be used to define and manage workflows. AWS Step Functions can be used with various other AWS services such as AWS Lambda, AWS Batch and AWS ECS. Step Functions support both sequential, parallel and hybrid workflows. In this article I am going to describe about “dynamic parallelism” in Step Functions.

Before dynamic parallelism feature, AWS Step Functions only had something like “static parallel workflow” where the developers have to specify the definition for each parallel branch. Such static parallel functions are defined in the Step Function workflow definition…

Looking into port scanning and other attacks with Suricata

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When living in 2021 with digital technologies you might probably know that all our devices should be secure against possible attacks (or at least against attacks that we are aware of) which are coming from various sources; inside or outside. If you are a responsible person in a corporate environment which is mostly related to web servers and cyber security, you MUST be a well experienced person in this domain.

But, you might be hosting some few servers for you own projects, client projects or even for a small startup. …

Serverless application from scratch with Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda and faunaDB


What is “Serverless”?

“Serverless” technology in cloud environments is relatively a new technology compared to traditional server-based options. This is also called as “Function as a Service” feature. You can…

Here we are using a simple probabilistic approach for the autocomplete model.

First we have to extract your google search history.

Go to

Click deselect all. (we don’t need all the data, google search queries will be sufficient)

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